Revivals and reboots seem to be all the rage at the moment. Maybe it’s just the circle of nostalgia – the generation that enjoyed the originals is now old enough to be the decision maker in the industry and want to recapture their youth. Or more likely it is just a lack of original ideas, or at least ones that are profitable.

The latest mooted comeback is for Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I have mixed feelings on this. It was a show that I loved as teenager and in my early twenties. It seemed to fit the times – a sassy, pop culture take on the genre. There was a chemistry so unique I find it hard to imagine it ever working that well again and I do not want my memories spoilt.

Having said that, there is such a lack of strong female leads in the fantasy world. Even most of the women in Game of Thrones seem entrapped by men in some way. Also, who am I to declare what the next generation can do and not do with a story? I gave short shrift to those who rampaged against the Ghostbusters revival, so I would be a hypocrite to put up the same barriers around Buffy.

There are some rules though that both the creators and fans (yes, fans, you have some responsibility too here) need to follow. First, we need to let the new Buffy be a new Buffy. If she is a different name, race, age or sexuality than the original we need to agree that is ok. We need to remember that this character is being made for a new generation to tell new stories.

More importantly, she is to be the change that generation wants to see, and a powerful female figure to boot. So gents, if she isn’t the stuff of your wet dreams, don’t wang on about it. That’s not her job. She just needs to kick ass.

That message goes to the writers as well. Make her a bimbo, or dependent on the love of men, or subservient to anyone in anyway, then you are missing the point of the character. Buffy taught a generation of people that while love is, well, lovely, it shouldn’t be something that makes you weak.

Finally, make the new stories genuinely new stories. Tap into contemporary fears and give us the hope they can be beaten. The evil tech genius who possess people through social media. The vampire who uses Tinder to meet its victims. The demon who thrives off the chaos caused by fake news. There, that’s three plots sorted for you. DM me for how to give me payment.

So I’ve decided that, if things go as they should, the reboot of Buffy will work. But, as I said, it is not just on the writers, it is on the fans as well. Don’t tear things down just because it isn’t what you want. This new telling is for new people as well. Let them get excited the way you did. Because you would hate for anyone to destroy the love you have for the new thing you have found, wouldn’t you?