Sometimes, I must confess, I am late to the party. I was three years behind everyone else in watching Broadchurch. It took a year of buzz to finally sit down and watch Orange Is the New Black. I am only just starting season 3 of The Good Wife. And now, a fair few months after being extolled the virtues of it, I am currently working my way through Midwinter of the Spirit.

I say working may way through, there are only three episodes, but feeling sapped of energy last night I settled down to watch part 1 of the repeat run and recorded 2 and 3 to watch at some point soon. I may even choose to deliberately break it up into weekly parts, mirroring how the original viewers saw it.

I normally hesitate to pronounce my views on anything after just one episode, but I feel hooked already on this supernatural crime thriller. For those unaware of the premise, a vicar gets trained in ‘deliverance’ (exorcism under a modern cloak) and finds herself assisting the police in a satanic murder whilst simultaneously dealing with the evil spirit of another recently deceased man, all the while trying to bring up her daughter and deal with the death of her husband. It does make you wonder how they fit all this in to just three episodes. I might have to get back to you on that one.

Part of the allure of the show is Anna Maxwell Martin as the lead. She does a fine line in strong, placid women who have a whirligig of emotions underneath that occasionally break through. She is one of those actresses that, despite being showered with praise, is still not quite the household name she should be.

The pace bowls along nicely as well, which is vital in such a short series. All the plots are bubbling away nicely, even if you are not quite sure where they all fit yet. I am particularly intrigued by tarot reader Siobhan Finneran, who is incidentally another actress who plays characters so well yet is often second fiddle on the cast list (Downton Abbey hasn’t been the same since her role as the scheming maid O’Brien came to an end).

Amazingly, after just one episode, I not only want to watch the other two, but also want to see another series. It is so hard to get creepy thrillers right that when we do, we should treasure it. And I promise to watch series 2 straight away.