I know I keep saying I don’t like horror, but to my mind, I don’t. What I suppose I mean is, I don’t like horror that takes itself too seriously or is just about a body count. I like my horror to have a streak of fun. It could be the dark-edged humour of Crazyhead, or it could be the snappy dialogue of Buffy, I just need something to take the edge off.

Horror with a dash of silliness is taken even more to the extreme in Scream Queens, a midway point between Mean Girls and American Horror Story. Season 2 is now being screened, and we have moved on from the sorority house to a hospital, with new supervillain The Green Meanie. By a series of plot twists, all stretching credulity to the limit, The Chanels, Zayday, Dean Munsch and Hester all return, with a few others to boot.

Of course, the fact the plot is stretched to breaking point in its believability is not really an issue – this is a show that always has its tongue firmly lodged in its cheek. Having said that, the more obviously forced nature of how to get everyone you want there is a slight distraction. Yet it does help with the balance of continuity and change. New setting, new baddie, a handful of new characters balanced with a recurring core cast and basic overall plot arc.

Not all the new characters are bedding as well as was hoped. While John Stamos and Taylor Lautner are good, I feel Kirstie Alley has yet to really pop in her role. Which is a shame, as she makes a good counterweight to Jamie Lee Curtis when given the chance. On the flip side, Zayday is looking lost without Grace, merely reduced to plucky detective and moral compass to the Chanels. We need more of Denise Hemphill, who is probably my favourite character after Munsch.

I still enjoy it though. It is daft, tripping constantly between parody and pastiche. Those wanting depth or something life changing will come away disappointed, seeing it as only a piece of fluff. But it’s good fluff. Such a shame that so few are taking to it, which is probably why here in the UK it is on some obscure graveyard slot where only insomniacs can see it. People don’t know fun when they see it, even when it is bloody good.