Nostalgia is the theme de jour in TV at the moment. The BBC has had a season of remakes, lost episodes and prequels of its classic sitcoms, with varying degrees of success. Personally, I would have preferred to have seen them invest more in some of the pilots of new sitcoms they were showing on BBC2 – Motherland in particular has legs. Even the all-so-modern Netflix is in on the act, relaunching The Gilmore Girls. None of this is necessarily a problem, but surely the point of a platform like Netflix is to make daring programming that mainstream channels just can’t afford to take a risk on.

ITV’s nostalgia moment is in the return of Cold Feet. I have only hazy memories of the original series, but I was only 11-14 at the time and a lot of vodka has been drank since then. Still, I gave the new series a whirl. Or rather, my mother had it on so I sat down to watch as well.

Actually, it is rather good. The plot is, at times, a reheat of those from decades ago. Will this marriage crumble? Will those ex-partners get back together again? But what has been updated is the reasons. Jenny and Pete are on the brink not because of his fecklessness but his depression. This has been a very well-handled topic on the show. Pete has the dual pressure of a widening gulf between his and his friends’ lifestyles coupled with the ever-marching passage of time.

Meanwhile, Adam has married a woman several decades younger than him but his now caught in a conflict between supporting his emotionally lost son and glamourous wife. It’s clearly the two are ill-suited. It is also very obvious that Adam’s landlady is a much better match for him, down-to-earth and sparky. Of course, this won’t truly dawn on him for a few episodes yet and will no doubt present conflicts in the group of its own.

What hasn’t changed is the spark between the cast. Dramas like this sink or swim depending on whether the different strands come together to form a whole that is at least equal to, if not greater than, the sum of its parts.

Would have been great if ITV had found something similar but that was new? Absolutely, as TV can only survive off old hits remade for so long. But, for now, it is a pleasure to see that the show isn’t tarnishing its reputation. In fact, in allowing the clouds and sunlight to balance out perfectly, it might even enhance it.