About a year ago, I wrote a blog post comparing New Girl to The Mindy Project. For those who haven’t read it, I compared Jess to Mindy. I came to the conclusion that I didn’t buy into Jess as the vulnerable heroine the show tried to sell her as. She was too conventionally attractive and her flaws were more quirks rather than weaknesses.

With Mindy no more on British screens, I have had the opportunity to watch New Girl without having it’s stablemate to contrast it to. And, to be fair, I now feel more generous towards the show as a whole.

For a start, I feel that now that we have moved passed the ‘will they/won’t they’ storylines (Nick and Jess won’t for now, Schmidt and Cece will), everybody can just move on. Because of this, the writing feels as if it has become more fun.

It is in small moments that the show shines. The plotline of Nick picking up the wrong Asian lady from the airport and his subsequent weird crush on her was boldly silly. This is comedy that thrives on the eccentricity of its characters, be it the high-maintenance lifestyle of Schmidt or the sweet incompetence of Winston.

You also feel as if life is slowly coming together for the characters. Winston and Nick are moving forwards in their careers and are, slowly, making more mature decisions with their lives. Schmidt is growing on a personal level, although part of me still wonders what Cece gets out of the deal. Besides constant adoration. Ok, so constant adoration is wonderful, but I still question how deep the connection between the two goes.

I still have niggles. Like a lot of American sitcoms, it has a tendency to slide into the soppy and melodramatic. Perhaps I am still not invested enough in the characters to feel their pain when things go wrong. The break-up of Nick and Jess a few seasons back was no Ross & Rachel. Likewise, if things were to go wrong with Winston’s career, or Nick’s, I don’t know if I would actually care that much.

As I say, I am warming to the show again. I am finally seeing it on its own terms. I am finding it joyous and silly, which is about as far as you need to go with it. I still wish I could find a connection to Jess, though.