Before anybody says anything – yes, I know I have discussed Grimm before. Twice, even. However, there is a good reason for me to come back to it. Quite simply, there is always something new to say about it. It is a show that keeps moving forward, even if sometimes it shoots of down a dark tunnel that looks hard to get out of.

Which brings nicely to the big season 5 story arc, the rise of Black Claw. There are a fanatical Wesen terrorist organisation, fighting to bring back old traditions and return the Wesen race to dominance. Apparently, Hitler wanted the very same, which begs the question ‘was Churchill a Grimm?’ Probably not, but never let being sensible get in the way of enjoying a fantasy series.

Anyway, the parallels to our world are obvious. Black Claw are Isis or similar, wanting their culture to be the dominant one. People who don’t join are traitors to their kind, and winning over impressionable young minds is key to their success. The unrest is on a global scale and often disguised as general political disgruntlement (riots in Ukraine, the Troubles in Northern Ireland re-emerging etc.). It certainly feels very frantic.

This feeling of everything being at warp speed wasn’t helped by the first episode back from its Christmas break being very weird and feeling like it had been shot as a cross between a B-movie and bad soap opera. The filming was jerky and the background music obtrusive. Weirdly, only we in Britain seemed to notice, and by the next episode the faults seemed to have been corrected. Perhaps someone pressed the wrong button on the DVD player at the TV network. Bloody interns.

There is a general feeling that this season is going for the big payoff, as if someone knows this will be the last series. It is hard to imagine how the show would top this next time around, especially in terms of the depth of peril that the characters are rushing in to. The obvious comparison here is season 7 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where a similar apocalypse scenario played out. The team knew there was no way back from it, so called it a day.

If it is the last season, at least the people behind Grimm are throwing everything at it. Juliette as a weird cyborg-Wesen with a ridiculous amount of wigs, Nick kissing Adelind, Meisner looking so grumpy he puts Daniel Craig to shame. It’s a wonder there is any space in an episode to return to the crime of the week.

Like I say, as much as I love the show, it feels as if it is right that this is a swansong. This is their jumping the shark, their return of the First, their all or nothing. Just make sure the person putting the disc in knows what they are doing.