Regular readers of this blog will know I love a legal drama, especially American ones. Suits, Boston Legal, Harry’s Law: all masterclasses in characterisation and storytelling. One though kept flying under the radar, and that was The Good Wife. I think this was partly because it seemed to be sold as primarily a domestic drama with the legal part of it a side line – woman rebuilds her life by being a lawyer. More than anything though, it always seems to clash with something else. As someone who has only just got Netflix and a Sky+ box, I faced a constant frustration of some nights being bereft of anything decent, and others being too full.

Thankfully, technology is remedying this woe, and searching for something new to watch on Netflix post-OITNB (come back soon gang!) settled on The Good Wife. I must admit to being dangerously close to giving in to the hype and watching Breaking Bad, but I am not ashamed to say that I needed something a little glossier.

And I am thankful I did. The Good Wife is fantastic. Ok, I am only four episodes into season 1, so I have a mighty journey to undertake, but even so I feel confident to state I have found a new addiction. I actually find the domestic angle on it less interesting than the makers want me to, but thankfully it features less than I initially thought it would, and even when it does is less saccharine than I expected.

The cases are delicious us as well. Murder trials brought down by carrier bags, felony murder charges dropped due to neighbourhood watch guidelines, you name it, our heroine Alicia Florrick will find the esoteric piece of evidence and win with it.

The supporting class are bubbling away nicely to, not least Kalinda the investigator, the right mix of respectable and sass to get her job done. I have a sneaking suspicion not all of them will still be there by the end of season 5 and it will be a wrench whoever goes and when but that is the price you pay for investing in excellent characters.

I don’t always get what the fuss is about shows, and I have heard so much hype about Breaking Bad and Sons of Anarchy that I have made a vow never to watch them. The Good Wife came close to languishing on that list to but fate intervened. And I am so bloody glad it did.