Finally, it happened. More than two years after it had been originally broadcast and the nation had been whipped up into an excitable frenzy, I have finally got round to watching the TV phenomenon that is Broadchurch. Well, the first episode anyway. I know I am late to the party to sing its praises. I have essentially committed the equivalent of attending a New Years Eve at 1.30am on January 1st demanding the host to open another bottle of champagne and rouse the quite tired guests into another round of Auld Lang Syne, when quite frankly they just want to go to bed and ponder how long they will stick to their resolution of not eating carbs after 3pm.

But still, I am here to join the feast at last. The first episode was beautifully done. The pacing was perfect, the story slowly unfurling itself as incendiaries went off at opportune moments. The wealth of stories still to be told excites me, and the list of questions the viewer is left asking is long and growing, which is the way it should be so early into the series. Some notable characters haven’t even spoken yet,and yet the whisps of smoke surround them still.

I adore the gothic edge to it. The idyllic setting being disrupted by a heinous crime. The sense that DI Alec Hardie (David Tennant throwing off his past as the Doctor better than ever) is being haunted by past failures. The fact that even young children are capable of hiding dark secrets. Wilkie Collins couldn’t have written something more sensational and uncanny.

Also, I know this has been said before, but my God it Olivia Colman good. When police get personally drawn into a case through connections we normally get some over-testosterone fuelled acting, all menace and overt threats to the suspect. This is different; DS Ellie Miller is instead faced with the unenviable task of having to distance herself from a grief she is feeling all to strongly. She knows the community too well, Hardie not enough.

I am so glad to have had the change to catch this. Normally I find the channels that are just repeats pointless, but this time they have come good. And who knows, at this rate I may have got round to Breaking Bad by 2020.