A while ago I blogged about Mount Pleasant and wasn’t exactly complimentary about it. For a comedy-drama it lacked both an ability to make me laugh and to invest me in its stories. Characters felt poorly drawn, plots thin, yadda yadda yadda. It was a show I watched out of habit rather than desire.

I must confess now to making a complete volte face. This series, the fourth, has been incredibly strong, in many different ways. Firstly, it has actually got funny. Ok, it is hardly cutting edge humour, but it makes me laugh in the simplest of ways. The chances are I have become less sophisticated, but even so, credit goes to the writing which has picked up a notch or two.

The plots have been delicious too. The soapy melodrama of Brad’s misdemeanours placing his family in the firing line of a gangster, plus the ‘what the hell has Robbie done?’ storyline have given Coronation Street and Eastenders a run for their money. The latter came to a satisfying conclusion, for now, in this weeks episode. The heartbreak of a mother was well played by Paula Wilcox, and finally gave her character another dimension bar being the shouty, classless one. Of course, the trailer for next weeks episode suggests there is more to come, but it best be good, because right now this plotline feels complete.

Speaking of revelations, who knew Bobby Ball could play it straight so well? His scene at his wife’s grave, as he introduced grandma to granddaughter, was beautifully played, the subtle grief of something lost being balanced by the joy of something gained. In fact, Ball has been the star of the entire series. How Corrie haven’t been on the phone to him is beyond me.

Equally as good, if a little unsung, have been Bianca and Roger. A sweet, if a little saucy, glamour puss and a grumpy vicar, there’s has been a friendship of the strangest kind, but the best ones often are. This week saw an accidental kiss which disrupted their internal lakes, but I hope things become smooth for them soon. Even if they were to enter a relationship, you feel it would be of the most genteel kind, akin to Roy and Hayley. A love that is designed purely to help them face the world.

So yes, Mount Pleasant, I got you wrong and I am sorry. Please forgive and stay on the form you have bee this year. It would be a shame for it to go to waste.