I apologise for my absence and infrequency of posts. There are a number of reasons for this, not least the fact I have pledged to do more with  my life than just watch TV, which is hazardous when you write a blog about TV. The other main reason is that, to put it bluntly, I have found little to inspire me to write of late. Yes all of my old favourites are back, but I begrudge repeating myself unless the programme in question has significantly changed or the nature of the show allows frequent revisits due to a revolving-door as regards personnel (e.g. The Great British Bake Off).

One show in the former category is True Blood. I have fond memories of the first two seasons, where the blend of dark humour, paranormal romance and politics was smooth and delicious. The cliffhangers genuinely had you on edge, the characters (even minor ones) well-developed, and there was a dark beauty to the whole thing. Even the third and fourth seasons were strong enough, not least the development of some previous minor characters like Jessica and Hoyt.

Yet the past few seasons have seen a slide in quality. The show was always violent and sex-driven, but now it feels as if the writers are constructing flimsy plots and coincidences just to get the next unleashing of blood and lust. Perhaps they feel threatened by Game of Thrones, one of the few programmes that has outstripped in terms of death and nudity. If so, they could take a leaf out of that shows book and learn how to properly weave shock and awe into a plot.

Then there is the fact that the politics is now so overt that it feels almost lazy. The whole Hep-V storyline just doesn’t grab me. In fact, the whole vampire fundamentalists, cult of Lilith etc,etc,etc hasn’t appealed to me. All the subtleties have gone, and this includes character development as well.

There are a few remaining bright spots. Pam has long been a favourite character of mine, even when she only had about two lines the whole season. Her growing role has been a relief at a time when so many other characters have become increasingly annoying (seriously, Sookie, stop wearing your past like a crown of thorns). Still, one character does not carry a show, and the loss of Tara only added to this.

This is due to be the final season of True Blood. It would be nice for the producers to attempt to recreate the glory days of solid stories and interesting people. Early evidence shows though that is not likely to happen.