All too often people who review shows such as myself talk about what has happened and whether they like it or not. Really, it’s too late by then. Many producers have made 6, 12, maybe even 20-odd episodes by the time the critics have reared their heads and spat out their dummies, making much of the criticism redundant. And if lost a viewer is nearly impossible to win back- just look at the downward spiral rating of the soaps over the past decade.

So instead here is my wish list for Season 3 of Revenge. Feel free to add, or maybe even argue against it:

1. Don’t keep Nolan in prison for too long. Two episodes, and then he either needs to be sprung, or proven innocent. We needs his quips to counter balance the melodrama, and besides, it isn’t even logical for Emily/Amanda to pull off most of her plans without him.

2. Make sure that Patrick is an interesting enough individual to keep him in the programme for a decent length of time. No three episode storyline and then him getting carted off to god-knows-where. He doesn’t have to be a good guy, nor does he have to be a bad guy, just give him reason to stick around. Preferably doing something to disconcert Daniel, an oak-tree in human form. Daniel does a good line in flared nostrils, use it.

3. Either give Ashley something other to do than pout, or get rid of her. Simple as.

4. Don’t let Jack and Emily/Amanda get lovey-dovey to quickly. Keep the relationship in the background as they are both far more interesting characters when they are angry.

5. Now we know what The Initiative is, let us in to more of their working. I’m not saying leave all their blueprints on the table, but keeping them a complete enigma is now pointless.

6. Finally, bring back Mason Treadwell. His quiet creepiness plays out well along the more overt Machiavellian wickedness of the Graysons.

So that’s my list. The biggest flaw of season 2 compared to the first was it’s rather uninteresting sub-plots (I gave up caring about Padma five seconds after she first appeared) but hopefully lessons have been learnt. Tight storylines, sharp writing, and nuanced characters are needed. It could be a recipe for perfection.